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Lottery bid - Petition for bid support


Manchester Central Library is bidding for £55,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to digitise over 1,500 precious and historic audio tapes from the Piccadilly Radio archive.

This is an important project which will save the programmes from decay and make them accessible to future generations for research and enjoyment.



Please email: and show your support to preserve the collection by writing how important you feel it is to preserve our audio past, like the varied quality programming we broadcast.

The sound archive department at Manchester Central Library already has digitalised some material which means anyone can visit the library and listen to a range of Piccadilly Radio programmes for free.  We want to extend this experience as a superb community resource open to all, and to include the extra 1,500 magnetic tapes which will cover the wealth of excellent programming that Piccadilly Radio broadcast.

So please email: 

and add your voice to the campaign! 

Thank you! 

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